Philippines Devastated by Typhoon “Haiyan”

Tuesday, 12/11/2013
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Quezón City (Philippines). After the devastation of typhoon "Haiyan", we have received the first news of our brothers of the province of the Philippines. Fr. Ephrem Campo Limpo, CMF, Provincial Secretary relates the following:

“ (...) Thanks for your solidarity and prayer. Times like this certainly makes us feel vulnerable and at the same time hurt by the loss of so many lives. The news reports say that more than 10 thousand people are dead, not counting the villages still cut off and isolated. I think it will take time to re-establish contact with them since there is no electricity and many properties were destroyed by the Typhoon. Many places are still without electricity and communicaions.
In Quezon city we are good, but the families of our seminarians and brothers in Tacloban, Iloilo, Ormoc, Leyte and Cebu have been victims of this disaster. We are doing everything to get more information and help them somehow. We are beginning to take the initiative to raise funds, through the media.
The latest news we have received is that our novitiate in Ormoc has suffered greatly. The entire roof of the second floor, where our novices slept, disappeared completely, torn off by the wind. The chapel has also suffered great destruction. Our novices and the master had to go to the library on the first floor which now serves as a dormitory.. The two houses outside are still standing, but the pastoral center next to our House's mission has been destroyed.
Fortunately, Fr. René Manubag, CMF was in Ormoc when all this happened and he managed to call the provincial. He has sent us news from the city of Cebu, since there is no phone coverage. Fr. Rene asked for provisions, not only for the novitiate but also for the people of Ormoc, because there is a shortage of food. According to Fr. Rene, there was only a bag of rice in the novitiate which is not enough to feed the people of the town that is asking for help and a roof to sleep under.
Pray for us and the Philippines. Please convey our appreciation to all our brothers
( ... ) ."

In this regard, our Superior General, Fr. Josep M. Abella, CMF, has addressed a circular letter to the whole Congregation, asking all Claretians mobilize to create solidarity with the Filipino people. You can read it HERE.