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Escuela de oración y discernimiento

Sábado, 28/03/2009
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The Eucharist, in so far as it completes the encounter with the Word, has always been for me the source of strength and inspiration in my missionary life. It provides the place, time and the context to celebrate daily the personal and communitarian advances made in the effort to live out daily the Claretian vocation-mission.

-          Daily life with my confreres in community is a constant encounter of stark differences in cultures, personalities, language game, mindsets, political stances, values, responses, even criteria and visions – arguably overwhelming signs of difference -- in front of the concrete realities of life. In all these, the Eucharist so far, have offered for me the opportunity to daily renew that faith in a shared vocation and mission by the sacramental communion that is at once real and is a future promise.

-          Especially significant for me is the daily celebration of the Eucharist in community by the local community together. In communities where the Eucharist, as a norm and habit, could not be celebrated together because each one has to celebrate it somewhere else, the visible-sacramental bond that the sacrament could create everyday among the members as regards communion of life and mission is sorely missed. Even the opportunity I have mentioned above is lost.

-          Even more, the Eucharist has been for me a school of prayer – particularly prayer as discernment. What I profoundly believe to be God’s Will, what I feel, what I do (or needed to act out) together with my deepest hopes and longings, all find expression in the Eucharist. This way, what theologically is reckoned as fount and summit of Christian life, for me becomes even more true.