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Dec 1, 2018 | Claret With You

“The Heart of Mary has been the organ of all the virtues to a heroic degree, particularly in the love for God and men”.
Letter to a devotee of the Heart of Mary, in EC II, p. 1500


The liturgy helps us to live the mysteries of the life of Jesus. From Advent to Pentecost the powerful moments of the life of the Lord Jesus are passing before the eyes of the disciple. And during the time called “ordinary” time, the values of the gospel message of unfurled. In his apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae, n. 10, John Paul II points out to us the best method to obtain– like Mary- the virtues needed to enkindle fire in our heart:
“The contemplation of Christ has an incomparable model in Mary. In a unique way the face of the Son belongs to Mary….. The eyes of her heart already turned to him at the Annunciation….. Thereafter Mary’s gaze, ever filled with adoration and wonder, would never leave him”. This gaze – explains John Paul II- sometimes as admiration, other times as questioning and deeply penetrating. There will be an occasion of the sorrowful look that will be followed by the radiant and culminating one by the pouring out of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost.
It is evident that Claret contemplates the Heart of Mary to imitate and conform his heart to that of his Mother and godmother. He feels that it is not only a maternity that shelters and keeps the child as a mother kangaroo in its protective pouch. Mary forms us to be capable of confronting risk. She sends out her son on the risky adventure of announcing the Good News. For that she has accepted to live the love for God and neighbour courageously. That´s why Claret will teach his missionaries through his autobiography, “Love is the most necessary of all the virtues. Yes, I say it and will say it a thousand times: the virtue an apostolic missionary needs most of all is love. He must love God, Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his neighbours. If he lacks this love, all his talents, however fine in themselves, are for nothing. But if, together with his natural endowments, he has much love, he has everything” (Auto. 438).
The Heart of Mary, with its fire of love, is the forge where we have to place the cold iron rod and perhaps even with the rust of those who want to be authentic witnesses of the gospel.

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