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Apr 10, 2018 | Claret With You

“ I had to overcome many difficulties at the hands of the ecclesiastical superiors and the population before I could leave the parish, but by God’s grace I left.
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This brief bit of information – in which Claret narrates the difficulties he had to overcome in order to follow his apostolic ideal – contains one of the personal qualities that contributed the most to his sanctification – the art of dealing with every kind of obstacles and difficulties. It demanded determination, constancy and self-discipline. In middle age, when he wrote his famous “Definition of a Missionary”, Claret described himself with three words – nothing daunts him. The fact that Jesus, convinced of his Mission, accepted his life full of difficulties, rejections and persecution encouraged Claret.
Claret experienced a lot of difficulties. It seems that each time he felt secure and successful in something, it would be taken from him and he would be forced to begin again. In his letter to Fr. Juan N. Lobo a collaborator of his who later joined the Jesuits, Claret tells him in a familiar tone: For some time now, the Lord educates and treats me in a Jesuit way, that is, taking from me what I want most and denying me what I desire most” (EC I, p. 1375).
These days, the current life style makes tempting offers of “an easy life” – easy money and fast, superficial happiness. It deceives us and we let ourselves be deceived. But the real life undeceives us because each day is filled with obstacles.
Jesus’ proposal in the Gospel does not deceive anybody. It says that those who face difficulties without giving up will have the new life of the Kingdom. That is why the Gospel teaches that we will have difficulties in this world and will have to suffer, but he exhorts us to be courageous for he has overcome the world. (cf. Jn 16,33).
“Claret with you” asks you today if you opt for the deceit of an easy life or for the truth of the life of the Kingdom proposed by Jesus.

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