11 September

Sep 11, 2018 | Claret With You

*109.- “You not only have to have patience in bearing your defects but also your bodily sufferings and aridity of spirit. Although St. Paul wanted to be on Tabor and to flee from Calvary, he did not leave this hill so as to be more useful and profitable than that one. It is better, said St. Francis de Sales, to eat bread without sugar than sugar without bread.”
Carta ascética… al presidente de uno de los coros de la Academia de San Miguel. Barcelona 1862, p. 17


There are times in our lives that seem useless, insignificant or of little interest. But the value of our life is not measured by what we do; our state of mind does not change the fact of our dignity as people nor the value we have in the eyes of God. We are not valued by what we do but by the dignity we have as individuals, as children of God. Each one is unique and unrepeatable. Each one of us is personally very important to God because we are his creatures, made in his image. He wants us for who we are, he appreciates us as much for ourselves and our story and would not change us for anything. We are worth a lot in the eyes of God!
We can change the circumstances of our life, we can be great sinners, we can feel good or bad about ourselves. The Lord stays the same, he maintains his love for us, he sustains us in our difficulties and he gives us the joy of life and happiness in the good things of each day. He gives us the fruit of what we do in his name because everything we are and have we have received from the Lord. Do everything in the name of the Lord says St. Paul (cf. Col. 3:17) because what we do in his name, in communion with him, has the force of the Holy Spirit and the efficacy of his power.
In life and in death we are of the Lord, St. Paul says again (cf. 14:8) In moments of happiness and in moments of sorrow, the Lord is always present. He is like the sun: because even if it is cloudy and we don’t see it, it is still there.
Do you sometimes ask the Lord for the gift of faith to recognize him and feel him close to you, strengthening you, consoling you, animating, giving you his peace or do you worry and reject him when it seems that he is absent from your life or is deaf to your cries?

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