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Jun 12, 2018 | Claret With You

“The love of God and of fellow man produces a similar effect to that of a fire. The power of gunpowder propels through the air whatever object is compressed upon it, expelling bullets or bombs. The power of steam enables trains and cars and boats on the sea to move rapidly. So the fire of the Holy Spirit enabled the holy apostles to travel all over the world.”
L’egoismo vinto. Roma 1869, p. 60. Retrotraducido en EE p. 416-417


Claret tends to pick up, through his experiences, thoughts that will stimulate the imagination of those who listen to him. We are in the era of the industrial revolution. Power and speed have become an obsession.
When Claret writes his journalistic articles about the love of God, he calls them “The Railway”. In a moment of conversation between D. John and D. Prudencio, he says this:
“All men are called to undertake and follow the path of the heavenly Jerusalem. God himself has drawn it for us, and that road is none other than love. Like the iron road, this road also has two lines which are: to love God and to love your neighbour. The engine is charity which travels with more or less speed as a direct result of the degrees of heat. Each of the carriages in which the people travel has the same name – the will of God. Each and every one of them has four wheels: the two at the front represent Religion and Morals: The other two are obedience to the authority of the church and obedience to the law of the state. If the four wheels work together and everyone travels by the marked lines, the travellers will travel a long way and arrive happily at the heavenly city, without mishaps or tiredness and with all the merits and good deeds that they treasured and brought with them.”
The quote is rather long; the important thing is that it expresses faithfully the love of God and its closeness to all of us. The unique way: to reach the Father by commitment to the brothers. The brother is a consecrated place and thanks to him unexpected things happen. We know that God converts the commitment to the brother into an abundance.

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