150th Anniversary of the Definite Approval of the Constitutions

Feb 11, 2020 | Noticeboard

Today is the 150th Anniversary of the definite approval of the Constitution 11th February 1870 by Pope Pius IX. The Constitutions are the result of the evangelical experience of living our charism. Each chapter and every number describe the concrete stages which we are invited to traverse, both personally and as a community along the road the Lord has assigned to us.

Our Founder wrote the first Constitutions by simply describing the gift he bore within hm by the impulse of the Spirit, and the same has happened each time the Constitutions wee renewed. Let us take it as a guide for our evangelical experience and a criterion for discerning the will of God for us. Our Constitutions are an expression of God’s salvific covenant with the Claretians, the gospel path authenticated by the Church. Let us make it our companion in our daily life.

(Our Project of life, Commentary to the Constitutions, Vol. ! pp 9-26)

Our Fidelity to God is expressed by our fidelity to the Constitutions.

Read and nourish yourself from the Constitutions every day.

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