17 December

Dec 17, 2018 | Claret With You

“Lord, I am convinced that just as you make the ocean salty and bitter to keep it pure, so have you given me the salt of dislike and the bitterness of boredom for the court, to keep me clean of this world. Lord, I give you thanks, many thanks, for doing so”
Aut 624


This thought of Claret is from the depth of his heart: he recognizes in himself an inner unease, an ongoing disturbance, a cordial sadness that does not allow him to be happy in an atmosphere that others would pay to frequent. Because true happiness is not in possessing titles, comforts, material goods and persons, but in the simplicity and healthy living of those things which make us children of God, brothers for others and builders of a better world.
Claret makes use of the images of nature – as he was accustomed to speak in a simple language with the simple people- to explain this feeling of his discontentment he was experiencing continuously by atmosphere of the Palace where he was entrusted with his mission; he had to remain in this ministry, though he had expressed repeatedly his desire of getting away from there. Sometimes he sees himself as a bird caged and other times as a dog tied to a post (cf. Auto. 165). The salty and bitter sea water!
But he was aware that the bitterness produced by his situation was an authentic grace of the Lord; this bitterness preserved him from the contamination to which he was exposed continuously. As a discerning person, Claret was thanking the Lord from the heart.
Do we think sometimes that the troubles we experience in our daily life in this “valley of tears” can it be also a grace of God? Is it not true that with too much happiness we tend to think that we won´t suffer? Do we reflect now and then on the fact that the greater part of humanity is in worst, hardest and more painful condition than us who have a lot resources to face our problems?

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