18 November

Nov 18, 2018 | Claret With You

“God, in the soul of the just, does what fire does: he illumines, heats up and converts into fire the fuel, melts the minerals, reduces the stones into ashes; so these same effects cause the fire that Jesus came to bring on earth”
Los siete talentos de oración, in A.M. CLARET, El Colegial o Seminarista Instruido. Barcelona 1860; vol, I, p. 139


In history, we the disciples of Jesus have asked many times what sort of fire Jesus referred to. We have even invoked fire and taken leading role against our neighbour that has nothing to do with the attitude of Jesus.
When Claret speaks of the fire, he speaks about love; this infinite love of God that can fill our lives and transform them radically. A fire that – as he himself points out- converts the fuel into fire: we too can be on fire with love.
John Paul II comments in one of his texts, “when one feels immensely loved, he cannot participate in the mystery of the Love that is given in a limited way to contemplate from far. He has to allow himself to be burnt by the flames that consume the holocaust and be converted into love. Continue to entrust yourselves for the world with an awareness that the only way to love is to love without limit.
Note carefully. One of the Eucharistic prayers for children presents a sharp observation, “for those whom we love and for those whom we ought to love more”.
We are accustomed of looking at love “from far”, for not complicating life. After a few lines of these, Claret invites “to be converted into a gift to God”. Some translations of the gospel of St. John tell that it is not how much the good shepherd “gives his life” for the sheep, but it is how much “he offers himself” for them. To be converted, to be offered, to entrust oneself without limit……. Let us ask Jesus to enkindle in us the fire he brought on earth, “May your Kingdom come!”.
Are you afraid to love? Do you find yourself being transformed into the one whom you love and contemplate? Look at the thermometer of the fraternal love, do you love more than last year?, and who do you love?

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