19 March

Mar 19, 2018 | Claret With You

“News of the technical ability the Lord had given me spread through Barcelona. This moved some gentlemen to call on my father to ask him what he thought of our forming a company and starting our own factory. My father found the idea very attractive, as it would mean growth for his own factory. …” Aut 63


The qualities you have, whatever they are, including those technical ones for instance, were given to you as a deposit (just to say it like this), that is and if you prefer, they have been given to you as gifts to make them bear fruit, to produce, to lend out…Congratulations for all these gifts and talents! They are your qualities! Begin by recognizing them and do it in a grateful manner.

It is not the time to be lazy and negligent at the time of bearing fruit or producing all those qualities you possess. Now is the time, the time has come, to make them produce at the highest, for your good, for the good of all who surround you, for the good of everybody. But remember that, deep inside you are not the owner or the ultimate proprietor of all these, (your qualities). Someone else has put them in you, and He has taught you so that with consistency, effort and responsibility you may make them bear maximum fruit as much as you can, according to your capacity and possibilities.

The qualities are yours, of course yes, but not as you think, because they do not belong to you…exclusively. You must give account of all of them and you must do it before the Lord. Surely the gratefulness, the recognition, the applause, the flattery, the felicitation…of all who surround you, your relations and outsiders because of your talents, these will make you feel good. Who doesn’t like recognition and praise from others? These are good, but also try to be prudent and wise. Let your heart not be overwhelmed by the felicitation from others no matter how sincere they may be (certainly they will be sincere), and don’t depend on them for your wellbeing, your happiness and your good sense. Don’t place your heart on the recognition and congratulation that will carry you to be too much of a protagonist but believe deeply that you are not the unique and absolute owner of your talents. Have you done something more with the talents you received?

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