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Apr 21, 2018 | Claret With You

“Oh my God, how patient you were with me!”
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It is said that patience is the capacity to suffer adversities with courage. It is also the capacity to wait with perseverance and calmness for a thing that tarries. Let your heart speak, and check with wisdom your history until today. That is also “historia salutis”, history of salvation. With intelligence and wisdom, contemplate and be grateful for God’s capacity to suffer, endure and grieve… while at the same time maintaining his goodness, his promise, his salvific project for history and the world.
Patience as a divine attribute also means the capacity to wait for you because he loves you for who you are – his son, and because he so desires that which you are called to be and to do. Fix your eyes on the patience and firmness of the Father in the parable of the mercy, who as you know, every day watched from the door of the house, for the arrival of the prodigal son. His patience is like eternal and faithful love because no matter what happens, he will continue to trust in you…, because even if your mother and your father forget you, you will continue to be engraved on God’s palms and you are the apple of his eyes. The poet expressed it his way, which is always beautiful and true when he wrote: “What do I have that you want my friendship, what interest do you have that, at my door covered with dew, you spend the dark nights of winter?”
In spite of the hardships and strange absurdities, his faithful love has persisted at the door of your life. He will continue to wait patiently at the door of your house, knocking until you hear him and open and give him a seat at table and share with him bread and wine. A proverb says that a patient dog eats the fattest bone. Thus for God, patience and time have achieved and achieve more than force and violence. Are you calm, strong and patient in the midst of difficulties, problems?

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