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Sep 21, 2018 | Claret With You

*209. – “A dog is more loyal than a son, more obedient than a servant, and more docile than a child. Not only does he willingly do what his master orders, but he scans his master’s face to tell from his looks what he wants, so that he can do it without being told to, with the greatest alacrity and joy. He even shares his master’s affections, becoming a friend of his friends and an enemy of his enemies. I should practice all these beautiful traits in serving God”
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A dog represents daily life, what we have at home or close by. It is a companion animal for both poor and rich. Some have gone so far as to build mausoleums for their dog or leave them an inheritance, insensitive at the same time to the misery and suffering of so many human beings.
For Claret the dog represents much the same but in a different way! Looking at its behaviour, Claret invites us to go beyond that in our Christian life. What can we learn from a dog? Claret is able to see in its attitude a calling to be more loyal in our life as children of God. Faithfulness is not in fashion. Everything today is temporary. Even the most sacred things have an expiry date. We must try to see today as an opportunity to go further in loyalty, in fidelity, to be better children of God.
In a dog Claret sees a calling to be more obedient, more of a disciple. The obedience of the disciple begins with listening. Today it is difficult to find anyone who really listens and obeys. Today is an opportunity to go further as a disciple in obedience.
In the behaviour of a dog Claret sees a calling to be more docile, to be more available, to learn. Jesus tells us that we have to become as docile as a child to enter the Kingdom. It is difficult to find who is prepared to forget his own criteria to learn from others and better serve; there is much self-sufficiency. Today we have the opportunity to go further in docility.
Concentrating on the dog, Claret invites you to raise your sight towards God to see his Word, his will and, without waiting for tomorrow, grab it now with even greater alacrity and happiness.
Do I practice in my daily life loyalty, obedience and docility? Am I waiting for the Word of God and to joyfully allow it give form to my life? Here I am Lord, give me the grace to know and do your will with alacrity and happiness,

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