23 November

Nov 23, 2018 | Claret With You

“To love God truly means to suffer for the beloved. To know whether it is true, we have to check it with the fire of tribulation: the inability to bear the trial is the sign of lack of love”
Explicación de la paloma[= Resumen de los principales documentos…….]. Barcelona 1848; p.26


I remember their names, but they are not relevant. They conquered the world; already at the age of 16 they thought that they knew more about marriage and the life of their parents. They were good at heart. They were sincere but also innocent. They participated regularly in Christian life activities of their age: meetings, celebrations, Sunday Mass, youth holy week, camps etc. One day- they did it often- they went to the catechist very happily. They made a small cut on their arms and mixed their bloods; they promised that they would never be separated. It was not the proper age to get married, but they wanted to live as if they were married.
After a short while she disappeared. We saw him with another girl who had a big heart for him. But certainly, we saw him bit sad now and then: life has given him a strong blow. All these terms seem to be strange for us, but sometimes, all of us stumble with this reality. Claret knew these very well, namely, trials, tribulation…..The biblical scholars say that the prayer of the Our Father would be faithful to its original text if translated as, “do not allow us to fall into trial” rather than “into temptation”.
We feel uncomfortable, but this is a fact. Our love that we give back to God and that we pour out on others will pass through trials. There is no love without suffering. This doesn´t mean a boxing match or a challenge for superman. Claret clarifies it well in other texts: Jesus does not fail, does not leave us alone, he accompanies us and takes upon himself our burdens. There will be quarrels, but we are well accompanied. His Spirit, that of our Father and our Mother (as Claret likes to think), will fight on our favour.
Do you feel tempted to live a faith with Easter Sunday without a Good Friday? Whom do you approach when things are complicated? Do you suffer for your Beloved?

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