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“Although Father Joseph Xifre, Superior of the Missionary Sons of the Heart of Mary, has frequently spoken and written to request that I write a biography of my insignificant self, I have heretofore always excused myself. I would not have agreed to do so even now had I not been ordered to. Thus I am doing this only out of obedience, and out of obedience I am going to reveal several things that I would rather have left unknown. At any rate, may it all be for the greater glory of God and my sweet mother Mary and for the embarrassment of this poor sinner”
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Claret taught his missionaries to obey the superiors not only when they impose a formal precept, but even a simple hint. He had to practice it with the Most Rev. Fr. Xifre, who according to the canon law could not “command him” formally, but “asked”, “hinted” to him.
Father Claret wrote his Autobiography with reluctance; the saints used to resist speaking about themselves. But, on the other side, he did it carefully, because it could do a lot of good to his missionaries. Though those who knew Claret very closely were very much discouraged by what has been written (“he tells about what he is silent”, assures his spiritual director); the autobiography was very much conditioned by the modesty of the author; and for us his inheritors of his spirit, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
While drafting his Autobiography at the age of 54, Father Claret interpreted his entire past life in the light of faith, grace and call to work for God and brothers. He contemplates his life returning to his origins, especially to the first call to evangelize. His inner self is the place of listening: the voice of the Lord impelled him for the mission!
Looking through this prism, we find the value of the Eucharist and the Word of God as a source and strength of his whole being. And Mary is his spiritual mother in whose heart he is melted and forged into an arrow to be shot against evil. In his praying vision of his life, he gives thanks the Lord for having made use of him to found religious congregations, lay associations, arch confraternities, etc., for the evangelization and to discover his charism of writer that led him to publish pamphlets, devotional books and even to found the “Religious Publishing House”, to spread the Good News beyond the pulpit.
In his autobiographical meditation, he realizes his compassionate tenderness towards the poor and marginalized which is none other than an aspect of a man possessed by the love of Christ that urges him to evangelize regardless of the efforts and risks. It was the life of a man who was on fire with love and spreading it wherever he went (cf. Auto. 494): his Autobiography is like a Book of Fire.
Do you have time to go through your life in the light of faith and examine its direction towards?

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