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Jul 28, 2018 | Claret With You

“The most productive means I have used has been adult instruction. It has helped me rescue adults from an ignorance that is greater than one might imagine, even in the case of persons who hear sermons frequently. Preachers often take it for granted that their listeners are well instructed”
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Amidst so many activities passing through our lives, most of the time we feel exhausted and a need to stop for a while to find places in our life for meaning, meeting with others, growth and rest. One of the important needs is to discover moments of inner nourishment and an appropriate reflection.
Though sometimes we experience this demand that springs out from our inner self, we don´t find always or support its needs for response. Our frenzied daily environment is crowded with innumerable theories, opinions and criteria that most of the time leave inconsistencies from what we receive from our parents or from the catechism and it is converted into “the nutritious field” of our faith.
This situation generates a crisis in faith to the extent of the need to begin catechesis once again mainly for the adults. The responses given to us once upon a time are insufficient or inadequate. Sometimes the questions are different; doubts come up and perhaps we realize that we were inexperienced or even our teachers who taught us faith could have cheated us or they themselves were not so clear.
The preaching that is heard many times in our churches supposes, in the same way as Fr. Claret mentions in another context, a community formed by persons who have taken up the Christian discipline. In this way, we are encouraged to grow; but for that, it is important to assure a solid foundation who is Jesus Christ (cf. 1Cor 3: 10-15). On such a base, we can build up adult Christian lives to face the challenges presented to us. The process of adult catechesis should be deeply rooted in the Word and in the community by allowing it to discover new ways of being “salt and light” in each context in which we are placed (cf. Mt 5: 13-16).
How do you value your own catechetical journey? Have you nurtured your formation so that your faith and your expressions of the same may be really of a mature individual?

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