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Apr 29, 2018 | Claret With You

“Reading good books has always been considered highly useful, but nowadays it is a real necessity. I say that it is nowadays a necessity because there is such a passion for reading that if people don’t have good books they’ll read bad ones. Books are the food of the soul…”
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Obviously in our ere, reading has collided with the boom of images in all its forms. It even seems that reading and books are going to disappear in the face of the impact of the digital era and all forms of images that swarm before our eyes, and above all, of the younger generations. Umberto Eco refers to this problem in his work “Apocalyptic and integrated”.
It is probable that image, reading and writing coexist because they express and reflect rich and profound dimensions of the human language. When Claret wrote the text on which we are reflecting, reading was booming after centuries of artistic culture whereby images were made accessible to the people in churches and public places while writings were accessible only to a very few.
In this present historical moment, new languages emerge and take centre stage; however they do not exclude the previous ones, but invite us to carry out a synthesis. To proclaim the Word of God and reach the hearts of many people who are hungry and thirsty for the message of salvation, we face the challenge and the task to employ every means, and today especially, those means of mass media.
Nowadays, the communication network that connects the Internet has become a “new continent” to which we have arrived and in which we must be thorough in exploring and mapping out the guiding route without imposition, but with the certainty of facilitating access to life springs.
How do you relate with these new possibilities of communication and transmission of faith? To what extent do they affect your own life?

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