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May 29, 2018 | Claret With You

‘In the case of children, the only work required is that of planting, whereas adults require both weeding and planting. There is yet another advantage: grownups are often won over by the little ones, and parents are won over by their children because children are like so many pieces of their parents’ hearts. When the children receive a little holy card as a prize for their attendance and diligence [at catechism], their parents and other adults read them at home out of curiosity, and this often results in their conversion, as I know from experience.’
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The most widespread opinion in the field of educational psychology highlights children’s great capacity for learning, the younger they are. In turn, in many educational programmes the need for incentive, in terms of the atmosphere and the adults, is noticeable, so that the children grow up motivated and can live in healthy learning environments.
In religious experience, throughout centuries, fathers and mothers, many grandmothers, and other close people, instilled the faith and assured the process of its transmission from generation to generation and from home to home. Thus, the first announcement, the closeness of God, friendship with Jesus, prayer to Mary and some saints, is supported by the family context.
Today, in the West, we live in a great crisis in the transmission of the faith. Many homes live as if God did not exist. Therefore, what Fr Claret teaches us continues to be a great truth. It is catechists (when the parents do not) who instil fundamental values, openness to God, solidarity and respect for others, protection of nature and so many other principles in children.
As has always happened throughout history, great changes come from what appears to be the most fragile and weak. We remember that it was the young John in Elizabeth’s womb who first noticed the coming of the Lord (cf. Lk 1:39-45). This is the way that God chooses to act. The same precariousness of Jesus’ birth tells us so.
How have I carried out – or am I carrying out – the transmission of the faith in my home, or in the school or parish to which I belong or where I work? Are there incentives to make the message attractive, or does routine threaten to scare away the uninterested?

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