4 April

Apr 4, 2018 | Claret With You

“And this forced me to ask the Superior to relieve me of my duty as Regent and free me from any parish obligations and to promptly consider me at his disposal to go and preach anywhere he wanted.”
Aut 174


“Free… to go and preach”. Note that these three principal expressions exactly make up the structure of the phrase of Claret we are commenting on. Together they reveal a bit of the fire that was burning in Claret’s soul. That burning fire that sealed him with three ‘burn marks’ – suggested by this sentence – which apparently seem to be reduced to simple information.

Freedom. Not to be attached to anything or anybody. It’s impossible to follow Christ or to live on faith if one is anchored and impeded by chains – be it money, comfort, fear… There are good things that may become dangerous obstructions. We are all experts in looking for excuses to not unblock our lack of freedom.

Mobility: The true following of Jesus implies always and in every moment “closeness (to be with Jesus) and “movement” (to go where he wishes, at his direction). To walk, to peregrinate, to move, these are indispensable ingredients which every good disciple and friend of Jesus must combine.

Proclamation: In every human task, the goal is the last to be executed, but it is always first in the intention. To be free and itinerant has no meaning without a high goal. The highest is, without doubt, that which Jesus assumed. It constituted his reason for being, for living and for dying – to be a missionary of the Good news to all.

I invite you to stop here. Do not continue. During a stop on the way, it would be beneficial for you to rest and let these three words settle, check out how their charm seduces you and provokes in you that sincere desire – “Here I’m Lord: free me, move me, count on me” Would you be ready to do it?

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