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“The Blessed Virgin Mary rode on a donkey, both when she went to Bethlehem to give birth to Jesus, her Son, and when she fled with Him into Egypt to deliver Him from Herod. I, too, offer myself to Mary, to be the joyful bearer of devotion to her, to preach about her glories, joys, and sorrows, and to meditate day and night upon these adorable mysteries”
Aut 668,3


In Mary we have a model missionary. Mary was young, poor and woman from an obscure village in Palestine. She was the prototype of the excluded and marginalized, but nevertheless it was precisely to her God that sent his angel to her to say, “Rejoice, full of grace, the lord is with you” (Lk 1:28). She was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus. And from then on, with her YES entrusted to the Father, she is converted into the first missionary who made possible the incarnation of Jesus in our world and thus to be announced to many people and all corners of the world.
Her mission began from the Annunciation onwards. She took to the road and in an attitude of service took care of her cousin Elizabeth and proclaimed that the mercy of the Lord reaches to all the faithful from generation to generation (Lc 1:50). And thus, there were some other moments of her life: travelling to Bethlehem, fleeing to Egypt, in the silence of Nazareth, walking from village to village with Jesus, accompanying and helping also the disciples, etc. She was present in the sorrowful moments of her Son’s life and participated in the joy of his Resurrection and accompanied the disciples gathered in his name.
Mary followed and proclaimed Jesus and accompanied the disciples from her simplicity, courage and faith. That is why Mary continued to be present in the life of the disciples, of the Church and throughout the ages. The devotion to Mary has extended to many nations. She is considered as a mother, a woman of faith and protector.
Her loving and proximate image reaches the heart of each man and woman because they know that bearing Mary in their life is learning to believe like her who lived as a simple woman always centred in God, entrusted to the cause of Jesus. The people have the assurance that Mary is the path certain to reach God.
What importance do I give to Mary in my life? Do I live the missionary spirit in my own land, in the society and in my context?

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