Ciudad San Cristobal, Guatemala. Seven new Novices started their journey on the last day of the year 2018 at the Centroamérica Interprovincial Novitiate House located in Guatemala. From the Province of Centroamérica: N. Eduardo Antonio Carranza Aguilera, CMF (Honduras), N. Jorge Luis Morales Morales, CMF (Nicaragua), N. Pablo José Moreno Ramírez, CMF (Nicaragua), N. Byron Uriel Calero Hernández, CMF (Nicaragua); Independent Delegation of Antillas: N. Jean Abnado Joseph, CMF (Haiti) and N. Clifford Jean Louis, CMF (Haiti); and from the Province of Colombia Oriental-Ecuador: N. Billy Aristobal Freire Ayala, CMF (Ecuador).

Beginning Of Novitiate Centroamérica 2


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Cinema, a venue for the transmission of values

Cinema, a venue for the transmission of values

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Created in 2001, the San Antonio María Claret Cultural and Missionary Animation Center of Santiago de Cuba continues to make a great contribution to the faith-culture dialogue in Cuban society. In June 2022, the Center held its II Conference on...

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