A Congregation Going Forth, Encounter with Major Superiors and Secretaries

Nov 11, 2022 | General Government

In following the proceedings of the Encounter in Kenya, a brief but important encounter of the members of the General Government, Major Superiors and Secretaries of organisms was held online.

The superior General Fr. Mathew Vattamattam pointed out the need to follow the steps that has been established at the General Chapter and which the organisms have imbibed as seen in their different chapter and assembly documents. The steps are seen in the dreams but must be actualized by the action plans.

After some appreciation and contributions from the participants, Fr. Mathew, reiterating the need for us to work together, presented for this sexennium, some activities, projects as well as commissions constituted by brothers from different organisms, and their missions on behalf of the congregation.

Some of the commissions include – Discerning Leadership, Constitution Renewal, Protection of Minors, Claretian Sanctuaries, Spiritual Congress, Institutes of Consecrated Life, and a handful of others. He encouraged all to be positive in carrying out these works for the good of the church and salvation of all.

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