An Assembly of Discovery in St. Charles Lwanga Delegation on 22nd & 23rd November, 2022

Nov 24, 2022 | ACLA, St. Charles Lwanga

The General Assembly of St.Charles lwanga Independent delegation was held from 22nd to 23rd November in Karen, Nairobi. The Assembly was animated by Rev.Fr. Henry Omonisaye CMF, the Vicar General and Prefect of Biblical Ministry. The assembly was attended by 49 members of the delegation and one member from St. Joseph Vaz. One Claretian student was also invited and attended the assembly. The Assembly has accompanied by annual retreat, which was also preached by Fr. Henry CMF.

Fr. Christi John from St. Jeseph Vaz, but currently working in South Sudan attended the assembly and retreat. Sincere appreciation to Fr. Henry and the General Government for the continual support to the delegation in all aspects was highlighted.

The assembly provided a condusive moment for interaction among the Claretian missionaries working in different missions in St. Charles Lwanga. It was also a moment of sharing our progress as members of the delegation. It provided a good platform for the delegation government to give their reports to the members as well as listen to them. Through the guidance of Fr. Henry, members were able to identify the seeds, weeds and challenges of our missionary living in the delegation. The assembly was concluded with the celebration of Silver Jubilee of the first profession and priestly ordination of some of our members.

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