Assembly of Claretians of the Southern Cone III

Jan 29, 2009 | San José del Sur

Argentina. Early in the chapel, our brothers of Humahuaca organized the Eucharistic celebration with Andean songs and signs. In his homily, Fr. Ventura used the saying “What the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve over.” Our organisms are growing in their mutual knowledge and appreciation as they meet each other daily.
This whole day was livened up by the “Roberto Bellarmino”Centre of Socio Cultural Investigations of Santiago de Chile.

Gabriel Valdivieso and Javier Romero, members of the Centre, presented to us the first part of the survey made in our Organisms. A deep and detailed reading of the results made us aware of what our present reality is and, at the same time, prepared us for the group discussion of these questions:

• To share and specify the type of Works “missions.”

• How can we tackle the paradox that the Vocational Ministry is very important but not very gratifying as personal work?

• What specific measures are proposed to dispel doubts and resistances to the process of Reorganization and to foster positive attitudes?
Once we gave our conclusions, the members of the CISOC made an analysis of our responses and prepared a synthesis – return that was distributed first thing in the afternoon.

Afterwards, and reading the survey a little further, the CISOC proposed a new group discussion, starting from a more projective question:

• What are the main conclusions we get from chapters 9 and 10 in order to contribute to a good process of Reorganization?

After the group discussion, we went to the hall to discuss the conclusions in plenary session. In our hearts we took the personal and community intentions that this work gave rise to, and we made a brief prayer in the chapel before supper.

This evening was chosen for… the great feast of the roast and bonfire! With entertainers galore and many generous hands that offered regional products, typical of each place, the feast hardly needed extra work. Simply and with much joy, our Assembly made this evening a real feast: singani, small cayote pies, dance, song and humour… After that, some participants began to walk towards the rooms, seeking the well deserved rest…

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