Assembly of Claretians of the Southern Cone

Jan 22, 2009 | San José del Sur

Argentina. On January 19 the Assembly of Claretians of
Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay, was started in Villa Don Bosco
(Cordoba, Argentina, with the theme “Called to evangelize in the
Southern lands.”
More than 80 Claretians gathered, belonging to four Organisms, the
Province of Argentina – Uruguay, the Independent Delegation of Chile
and the Dependent Delegations of Humahuaca (Betica) and Paraguay
(Santiago) together with Father General and the Provincials of Betica
and Santiago. It is the beginning of five days’ meeting planned to
share our mission and our life in the frame of the process of Reorganization of Organisms in which we have been working for some time.

In the morning the various groups arrived and in the afternoon Fr.
General addressed some words to us explaining the objective of these
days about the process we are following, where we come from, where we
are and what the objectives of this process of reorganization are. He
made it clear that this falls within the mandate of the last General

He reminded us of the criteria and the course of action that this
process must follow and indicated some points that must be taken into
account, such as the situation of our Organisms and the new viewpoints
that we need today to think of ourselves as a Congregation. They will
open us more to the universality and will facilitate for us a more
dynamic and effective response to the challenges that the world is
posing to us as Servants of the Word. In this process our own personal
conversion is also important, the overcoming of any fears and, above
all, our personal availability to respond to the Lord’s calling, as
they are reflected in our missionary projects, even recognizing that
much of the way has already been walked.

We culminated the day with a celebration presided over by Fr.
Pedro Olmedo, Claretian bishop of Humahuaca, who publicly acknowledged
the service of the Congregation to the Prelature that he has been

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