Assembly of Major Superiors with the Gen. Government – II-

Jan 16, 2008 | General Government

razil. The journey starts, as is pevented at the time-table with Laudes and Eucaristic celebration. In this ocassion it was prepared by the Superiors of Betica, Chile and Argentina-Uruguay Provinces. The last one preceedes It. In his homily, according to today`s Readings, he encourages us to have Ana´s confidence and the strength and Jesus´bold in His struggle against evil.

Starting the first session in the morning, Fr. General comunicates that he had asked Frs. Agustín Monroy and Xavier Manavath to be moderators and also has encharged Frs. Gonzalo Fernández, Javier Fernández and Emmanuel Edeh, to make the synthesis of the most relevant issues and the coincidences in the presentations which the groups will perform. Fr. Alejandro Cerón with some volunteers is encharged of the animation. Fr. Armin Sixt, with “germanic punctuality” will be the time-keeper.

The main point during the morning is the initial Fr General´s reflexion. He emphasizes the objective of this Encounter: to prepare the next General Chapter and to establish the most fitting methodology for the active participation in the Chapter´s process. It consists in the identification of the fundamental themes, the nucleus on which the Chapter will discuss (not this Assembly). Then he presents the objectives that the Constitutions indicate for the General Chapter. He insists in situating the Chapter´s Celebration in the context of our world, the Church and the Congregation. After these points he explains the Encounter´s dinamic : first of all we shall listen each other, dialogue, discern and choose the methodology of the pre-Chapter´s process.

After a brief break, the presentation of each Mayor Superior starts. They consisted in the answers to the questions that the General Government has sent : 1.Which are the two major concerns regarding your own Organism ? 2.What concerns you most about the Congregation from the perspective of your own Organism ? 3. Which do you think are the most important challenges for the mission of the Congregation at the present time ?

The order of exposition was : ASCLA, Iberia, CICLA, CEC and ACLA according to the alphabetical order of their Organism. Due to some problems of flights or visas, The Major Superiors of Central África and Bolívia couldn´t have come yet (Also Fr. Anistus Onioha, translator).

During the vespers, prepared by the Antillas and Mexico´s Major Superiors, we had a presentation-reflexion about the 5th. Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Bishops which took place in Aparecida. After the supper in the “free night session” Fr. Cuppini, Italy´s Superior, presented us a nice power point on Claret and the italian claretians.

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