Assembly of the Indonesia-Timor East Delegation

Jul 13, 2011 | Indonesia - Timor Leste

Kupang, Indonesia. From the 28 – 30 of June the triennial assembly of the Indonesia-Timor East Delegation was celebrated at our house “Hati Maria”. Presiding was Fr. Gonzalo Fernández Sanz, General Prefect of Spirituality.
After the welcome from the Major Superior, Fr. Sabu and a greeting from Petrus Turang, Archbishop of the diocese, Fr. Gonzalo led a meditation for those attending on the theme chosen for the Assembly, “Duc in Altum”, which inspired a dynamic sense of oneness for the 44 members.

During the day and a half, the participants evaluated the life of the Delegation through questionnaires developed by the government of that entity. In general, progress in all areas has been noted, although in the past years there has been a reduction in the number of missionaries in formation.

The Delegation has opened new missions on the islands of Sumatra and Flores, and three vocational welcome centers in Medan (Sumatra), Sok (Flores), and Hera (Timor East).

The rest of the time was dedicated to marking out various priorities and lines of action for the 2102-2104 triennial, taking as a basic working document, “Duc in Altum”, inspired by the capitular declaration “Men Who Burn in Love”.

After a day of rest. The majority also participated in the annual retreat directed by Fr. Gonzalo Fernández, centered on booklet 6 of the Forge in Daily Life, “Followers of Christ like Claret”.

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