Assembly of the Province of Poland

Apr 15, 2013 | Polska

Krzydlina Mała (Poland). The Assembly of the Province of Poland took place from the 10th to the 12th of April at Krzydlina Mała at the mid-term of the current Provincial Government.

In addition to the members of the Government, also participating were the superiors of the houses, those in charge of specific provincial activities, the formators, the brothers, and a student representative.

It was an opportunity to reanimate fraternity celebrated in the Liturgy and prayer, shared in story and apostolic experiences, and evaluated with the aim of improving and projecting into the next triennium.

The deliberations of the Assembly focused on four topics: (1) presentation and evaluation of apostolic activities and government of the Province, 2) community life and the service of the superiors, 3) vocation youth ministry and 4) the project of the renewal of our missionary identity and the restructuring of our Congregation in Europe.

The environment also allowed a sharing of some of the specific problems encountered by missionaries and the Province, bringing new ideas and talking about possible solutions.

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