Jul 3, 2021 | Apostolate, Bible Ministry, San José del Sur

Argentina. Last June 2021, the Claretian Women’s Bible Team of the province of San José del Sur organized a virtual encounter of thirty women from Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina to share an experience of Bible reading from the perspectives of women.

Based on a text by Sister Dolores Aleixandre, a group Bible reading was done looking at five women from the New Testament. For many of the participants it was the first time to share this kind of experience and soon they were encouraged to make a biblical reading from different actions, perspectives, and possible questions: to recognize, to suspect, to be indignant, to smile, to welcome, to rename, to remember, update, and rename our feminist experiences and faithful readings of the Bible. In addition, by reading together they recognized the diversity of views and they all dared to ask new questions and share stories that are born in their own contexts.

Before the end of the meeting, they shared the feelings that arose from reading the Bible together in each group. Then these reflections were transformed into images with meaningful words that seek to revalue the feelings and thoughts of believing women moved by the courage, looks and decisions of biblical women who encourage the journey. Thus, several challenges were posed, namely: to meet again, to be able to do new Bible readings in community spaces at regional level and to deepen the experience of Bible readings enriched with the perspectives of women believers.


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