Bro. Salvador Segura, CMF: New General Econome Assistant

Aug 2, 2019 | Brothers, Economy, General Curia, General Government

Rome, Italy. On Thursday, August 1, 2019, PUMS and General Mass Collector of the Congregation, Bro. Salvador Segura, CMF, took over the office of the Assistant to the General Econome replacing Bro. Evencio Cuñado, CMF who is now assigned to serve the Province of Santiago. All the Provincial/Delegation Economes, Procures, and other related offices are advised to take note of the changes. The email of the said office remains as is.

The whole Congregation is very grateful to the silent but very important service Bro. Evencio rendered to the General Curia and to the entire Congregation for more or less 38 years.

To our dear brother Evencio: All the best in your new endeavor and mission in the Province of Santiago!


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