Claret Institute of Temuco Launches Compilation of Claretian Songs on Spotify

Dec 4, 2023 | San José del Sur

Temuco, Chile. The Claret Institute of Temuco, recognized for its pastoral commitment, launched a collection of Claretian songs on the streaming platform Spotify. Under the title “To Sing and Pray to the God of Life,” this compilation aims to spread the most emblematic spiritual melodies of the Congregation to a global audience.

The Institute’s pastoral team has worked hard to share these songs, which reflect the spirit and essence of the Claretian community in Temuco, Chile. These musical compositions imbued with devotion and faith, have been recorded with the purpose of inspiring those who listen to them to deepen their relationship with spirituality.

With this launch on Spotify, the Institute seeks to reach a broad audience, facilitating access to these beautiful expressions of worship and praise to the God of Life. Now, these songs will be available to be enjoyed and shared by people of all ages and corners of the world.

The album «To Sing and Pray to the God of Life» can be found on this link on Spotify. Or you can play the Claretian songs on Spotify embedded below.

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