Claret Way. Strategic Plan of the World Network of Claretian Youth

By Pablo Pérez Narváez

From January to March of this year, the Claret Way Global Coordinating Committee (CCM) has developed a strategic plan that will serve as a roadmap for the network for the next three (3) years (2022-2024). This plan aims to guide the work and present keys for each continent to develop its strategic plan by defining a framework for action for the next three years.

The strategic plan mentions the key points that define the World Network of Claretian Youth:

– First, the environment/population that is part of the network, i.e. young people aged 18 years and older in youth ministry and vocations of the Claretian Family (CF).

– Second, the identity of the network that seeks to integrate local proposals, offering experiences and a space for communion based on our Claretian charism.

– Thirdly, to link the young people between 18 and 30 years of age of the CF in a worldwide network with the animators and the REFERENTs of the Youth Vocational Ministry (YVM).

Claret Way is born with a mission, a vision, values and transversal axes that we seek to achieve as a CF Youth Network:

1.            THE MISSION is to integrate the local and regional proposals of YVM, articulating them worldwide and offering experiences and spaces of communion among young people.

2.            THE VISION is to ensure that young Claretians participate in experiences and spaces of communion throughout the world. 



The transversal axes will be animated simultaneously by teams made up of young people from the Network, with the mentoring of some of the CF’s REFERENTs. The mission of these teams is to make known what is already being done around the world and to promote it among the young people of the network in order to offer experiences and spaces of communion in the network.

The following human resources are needed to implement the strategic plan:

(1) The general YVM REFERENTs of the CF.

(2) The World Coordinating Commission

(3) The continental teams of Claret Way

(4) YVM REFERENTs in each region

The CCM has developed its strategic plan from 2022 to 2024 with the following objectives: 


Each general objective will have specific objectives and a description that will help us to achieve what we have in mind for the corresponding year.

1. 2022 – ENCEND: To promote, inform, grow and shape the Network in all continents.

2. 2023 – ARDER: Link, engage, create meaningful experiences and build communion.

3. 2024 – OPEN: Participate, create and participate in the mission, reaffirm the familiarity of the Youth Network.

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After each pastoral year (August – July) for each objective there will be an in-depth evaluation of what has been done and what has been achieved, in order to revise the strategies that have been drawn up.

The strategic plan will help us to project the way forward with concrete proposals that will help us to achieve our vision, mission and values. In this way we create a way of permanence and a specific itinerary to live in the network, common experiences at continental and world level.

May the Virgin Mary and Fr. St. Anthony Mary Claret enlighten and help us on this journey.

A fraternal embrace from the World Coordinating Commission of Claret Way.

Pablo Pérez Narváez

Bayamón (Puerto Rico)

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