Claretian Bishop, Juan José Pineda, mediator in the Honduras

Aug 1, 2009 | Cardinals and Bishops, Solidarity & Mission

Honduras. (From Ecclesia Digital). The Claretian Bishop Mons. Juan José Pineda met last night together with Zelaya in the Embassy of Brazil, but this Monday he said, through local radio stations, that he cannot divulge what was discussed, because he has a pact of confidentiality.

Mons. Pineda became a mediator between the de facto government of Honduras and the deposed president Manuel Zelaya, based on the Agreement of San José presented by the president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias.

“The dialogue is broad, the will is theirs,” Pineda said, who in the next few hours has to meet with the de facto President of the government, Roberto Micheletti. The same thing happens with the presidential candidates, who this day informed that last night they met with the Ambassador of the United States in Tegucigalpa, Hugo Llorens. Bernard Martínez, presidential candidate of the Innovation and Unity Party (PINU), said that Llorens warned them that the negotiation to obtain peace should be based on signing and complying with the Agreement of San José, which foresees the reinstatement of Zelaya in power.

He warned that, as long as the Agreement of San José is not signed, the general elections of next November will not be recognized and even if Zelaya returns to power, these could be not celebrated on November 29, the officially established date.

Zelaya, deposed three months ago, assumed the power in January 2006 and his term was supposed to end in January 2010.

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