This African Institute was born in Equatorial Guinea under the loving concern of the Sons of the Heart of Mary and the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (Conceptionists). Its founder, Fr. Armengol Coll Armengol, Claretian, first Apostolic Vicar, and Imelda Makole, its foundress, communicated their spirit to the first Sisters, Regina, Clotilde, Eugenia and Felisa. The Institute was born on 7 October 1909.
Fr. Armengol was so busy with his pastoral visitations and the care of the entire Church of Guinea, that he could not personally attend to the formation of the Sisters. For this reason, he entrusted this task to Fr. Cyril Montaner Fabré. At this time they were still known as “Auxiliary Sisters of the missions.”

Their mission was to evangelise Africa, a continent of poor, alienated, dispossessed and humble people. To this end, they were to collaborate with all those who seek the transformation of the world in accordance with the designs of God, especially with the bishops and missionaries of the young Churches of Africa. They collaborate with human and Christian formation of African women, and prepare them for their mission in the ecclesial community and in the world.