Claretian NGOs Work to Promote Social Awareness and Diversity

Apr 28, 2023 | Solidarity & Mission

The Claretian Congregation has set a Dream for 2027 that includes the “transformation of the world according to God’s plan.” It relies on various initiatives, including two NGOs based in Spain offering digitally accessible programs for anyone: Fundación Proclade and Proclade Bética.

Throughout the year, these two organizations have carried out numerous activities to promote social awareness and diversity, aiming to engage the general public in reflection and dialogue on important issues, such as migration and the experiences of people living in poverty.

Proclade Bética has organized the project: “Right to Dream: Boosting critical awareness alongside migrants for global citizenship”. It consists of three online panels, held through Zoom, which aim to showcase the richness of diverse societies and offer an alternative view on migration, challenging stereotypes of victims and criminals. The sessions address topics such as “Right to migrate,” “Borders and racism,” and “Positive migration,” allowing participants to listen to positive stories and experiences led by migrants and discuss transformative initiatives of migrant collectives.

On the other hand, Fundación Proclade has launched the “Viaje en Globo” (Travel in a Balloon) program, a series of live interviews broadcast through its YouTube channel. Since its inception a year ago, twelve interviews have been conducted. These interviews seek to awaken the awareness and sensitivity of the general public, addressing important topics from a novel and elevated perspective. The program invites experts and leaders committed to social issues to discuss the current crisis, the solidarity of Christians, and families living in poverty.

Both NGOs are promoted by the Claretians and are run by laypeople who share the same charisma and mission of supporting the integral development of people and generating processes of reflection, social activism, and critical awareness. These activities demonstrate the commitment of the Claretian Congregation to building global citizenship and creating new narratives that challenge prejudices and inequalities.

Anyone interested in participating in these activities or following these initiatives can do so through the networks found on their respective websites: Fundación Proclade ( or their quarterly publication; and Proclade Bética ( These initiatives represent a unique opportunity to learn, reflect, contribute to social change, and construct a more just and diverse world.

Sources | Proclade Bética and Fundación Proclade

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