Claretians in a monumental Biographical Dictionary

Jul 26, 2009 | Claret Publishing Group, Founders

Spain. The Real Academia Española de Historia has started the publication of the Biographical Spanish Dictionary. It is a work of 50 volumes of about 800 pages each, with about 40,000 biographies of Spaniards of all the stages of the history of Spain. Among the subjects of a biography are Saint Anthony Mary Claret and 39 Claretian Missionaries, written by 30 Claretians. Not all the illustrious personalities of the Congregation that could be included are there, partly for lack of available biographers; but, according to the Director of this monumental work, “those who are not included now could be included in the future.” We hope that eventually the deficiencies of this edition could be made up for.

The Real Academia has the project of translating this Dictionary into English. A presentation of this work can be seen in

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