Claretians in East Nigeria Province Engage in Enriching Leadership Workshop

Nov 10, 2023 | East Nigeria, Discerning Leadership Workshop

Nekede, Nigeria. Claretians of the East Nigeria Province gathered at Claretian Institute of Philosophy (CIP), Nekede, Nigeria  for the on-site segment of the Claretian Discerning Leadership Workshop (CDLW) from November 5th to 9th, 2023. This intensive program witnessed the participation of community superiors, heads of various Claretian activities such as Claret Schools, Claret Water, and CLACOM, alongside appointees designated by the Provincial Superior to assist in facilitating the workshop in the future.

The on-site phase of the workshop was skillfully led by Frs. Stan Ekwujuru and Rowland Onyenali, CMFF, who acted as facilitators. During the program, participants engaged in sharing ideas, drawing from their experiences, participating in exercises, group activities, and personal reflection. This approach allowed for a personalized and integrated assimilation of the workshop’s diverse modules. The emphasis throughout was on personal and collective growth as individuals and Claretians responsible for their communities and activities.

The program underscored the importance of “Claretian Discerning Leadership” within the context of the Church and the Congregation while remaining open to valuable contributions from the realm of human sciences. Sacred Scriptures, Church documents, Congregational materials, and insights from the human sciences served as major sources of inspiration and knowledge.

Fraternal sharing and internalization were highly encouraged throughout the on-site workshop. Participants demonstrated unwavering commitment, dedicating their time, energy, and attention to their personal formation as leaders. The Provincial Superior also took the opportunity to facilitate a session, emphasizing the significance of the Dream of the Congregation and the Province as key elements in guiding leaders in their role of animating communities and activities over the next sexennium.

At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant developed a series of steps to address the challenges presented and to integrate the content of each module effectively. Furthermore, sub-groups collaborated to devise strategies for training more leaders within the Province.

The East Nigeria Province expressed its intention to provide all its members with the opportunity to participate in the CDLW, a testament to their commitment to leadership development within the Claretian community.

Source: Fr. Dominic Ukpong, CMF, Secretary, East Nigeria Province. 

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