Claretians Worldwide Celebrate Inauguration of 175th Jubilee Year of Congregation on Foundation Day

Jul 17, 2023 | Congregation, Jubilee Year

Claretian Major Organisms from different continents celebrated the 175th Jubilee Year inauguration of the Congregation on its foundation day. The event, held on July 16, 2023, was a grand celebration that showcased the congregation’s rich history and dedication to serving God’s people.

The Foundation Day was a great chance for the Major Organisms of the Congregation, who come from different backgrounds, to gather and kick off the important celebration. The jubilee year had already started at the congregational level on July 1, 2023.

With the jubilee year’s central theme focusing on congregational-level programs, members are geared up to organize and participate in various events. 

The website has a special page that serves as an information hub for the jubilee year. The information provided includes all the necessary details of upcoming events and available resources. This ensures that all members of different organisms can actively and meaningfully engage in the celebrations of the jubilee.

The following are some events that took place on 16 July 2023 in the Provinces and Delegations;

General Curia, Rome

Province of Fr. Rhoel Gallardo (Philippines)

Province of Bangalore

Province of Colombia – Venezuela

Independent Delegation of Northeast India

Independent Delegation of Kolkata

Independent Delegation of Korea

Independent Delegation of St. Charles Lwanga

Independent Delegation of East Asia

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