Claretianum: 50 Years in the Service of Consecrated Life 1971 – 2021

May 17, 2022 | Anniversaries, Claretianum, Institutes of Consecrated Life

Rome, Italy. To celebrate its golden year of service to Consecrated Life, Instituto di Teologia della Vita Consacrata (ITVC) or commonly known as Claretianum, organized a round table session entitled “La vita consacrata oggi: attualità e sfide” (Consecrated Life Today: Current Events and Challenges) in the afternoon of May 12, 2022, in one of its function halls.

The speakers were Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ (USG President), Sr. Jolanta Kafka, RMI (Former UISG President), Fr. Andrzej S. Wodka, CSsR (President AVEPRO), and Fr. Henry Omonisaye, CMF (Coordinator of the Claretian Institutes). Professor Lucia Abignente moderated the sessions. Among those present was Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, CMF, Superior General of the Claretian Missionaries, who gave opening remarks to those present attendees and online viewers.

The Institute of Theology of Consecrated Life “Claretianum” was erected and established by Decree of the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education dated June 6, 1971. It is incorporated into the Pontifical Lateran University as the Institute of Specialization in the Theology of Consecrated Life.

It conducts its research in the field of Consecrated Life on biblical-theological bases, taking into account both the historical-cultural, psycho-sociological and juridical aspects, as well as the conditions in which the pastoral activity of the Church and of consecrated persons takes place.

It offers a curriculum for the attainment of the Licentiate and Doctorate in Theology of Consecrated Life. It also offers a two-year course for the Diploma and a one-year course. Each year it organizes a Conference for the in-depth study of a theme concerning Consecrated Life.

Here is the full video of the round table in the Italian language:

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