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Dec 15, 2018 | Noticeboard, The Forge

As we end the “Residential Forge” in Spanish, we would like to share to all our brothers in the Congregation what we have lived and experienced during these 75 days of stay in Los Negrales (Madrid). We were 11 Claretian missionaries from different 8 Organisms – San José del Sur (2); Bética (2); Angola (1); Perú-Bolivia (1); Italia (1); Colombia – Venezuela (1); Colombia Oriental – Ecuador (1); Centroamérica (1); and Antillas (1). The project coordination and accompaniment were rendered by Salvador León and Juan Carlos Martos, members of the Forge Team.

We have experienced the following:

  • They were six months and a half of grace and blessings that bring forth a general attitude of gratitude right from the start – to God as protagonist giver of all gifts; to the Congregation who offered us this instrument of charismatic renewal; to the Province of Santiago who generously provided us the different means that we needed; to all the Organisms and Local communities who favored and made feasible that we devote these months in order to undergo this renewal experience.
  • The good initial disposition of all the participants made it possible to create an apt environment in order to live this experience right from the start. There was no lack of interest, participation and the joy all throughout these days. Even if the things of the Spirit are immeasurable scientifically, we can testify that after we have watered our roots, the flowers and its fruits that many would benifit will come in time .
  • We were visited by prominent persons. We were visited by Father General, Mathew Vattamattam; Msgr. Aquilino Cardinal Bocos; Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez as the main responsible of this initiative; different members of the Claretian Family and other experts , brothers and friends. To say, each of them contributed light – as well as emotions – through their words and their testimonies. Their presence made us feel important. Thank you very much to all.
  • But it is a good opportunity to point out the validity and convenience of this instrument that we have, that is revalidated once again as an engine capable of promoting the processes of transformation that the Spirit asked us through the last General Chapter of the Congregation. The evaluations and the verification that we have made confirm this. We hope that this proof of validity will continue to be promoted by the members of our Organisms and by those responsible.
At the conclusion of this informative note, we once again put our future in the hands of our Mother. She, as a good Mother of Heart, will know how to accompany us along the paths of life with her care and, above all, with her presence.
Juan Carlos Martos cmf

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