Communication from the Provincial Vicar of Germany

Apr 21, 2010 | Health Care

Wursburg, Alemania. Fr. Alois Andelfinger, Provincial Vicar, writes about the situation of Fr. Armin Sixt, Provincial Superior, based on information given by Fr. James Patteril, Provincial Econome of German province, who is in Sri Lanka:

There are three highly critical problems:
1. Brain haemorrhages. The doctors could diagnose that the brain has been damaged. They have operated twice on the brain, but there is still a small „blood clot“ that cannot be removed surgically. They want to keep him in an artificial coma because they hope that the clot can be decomposed by the body itself. They also hope that the blood itself will gradually start circulating through the brain.

2. As Fr. Armin did not have his seatbelt fastened, the ribs have also been hurt and the lungs have been crushed somewhat. In any case, there are problems there too.

3. The cervical vertebra has also been affected. Fr. Armin he is kept breathing artificially, he cannot breathe by himself. They want to keep him in the artificial coma until Friday, and then they will see … It is absolutely impossible to transport him. So he cannot be taken to Germany.

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