Congo’s Claretians Illuminate 175th Anniversary with Formation Session

Apr 10, 2024 | Ongoing Formation, Congo

Kikwit, Congo. The Independent Delegation of Congo recently organised a session on ongoing formation for the Quinquennium state, held from April 2 to 6, 2024, at its residence in Kikwit. Against the backdrop of celebrating the 175th anniversary of the congregation’s foundation, the session centred around the theme “Spreading the Flame of the Spirit.”

Under the guidance of Fathers Placide Sumbula, Tryphon Bimbangu, and Alexandre-François Mwanza, CMFF, the session delved into three compelling sub-themes. Firstly, it explored the five-year journey of Saint Antony Mary Claret, offering profound insights into his remarkable experiences. Secondly, the role of the Word of God in the mission of Claret and the Claretians. Lastly, the session undertook the contemporary challenge of being a listener and servant of the Word, emphasising the psycho-socio-spiritual dimensions of this vital undertaking.

The engagement was enriched by the active participation of ten Claretians, each within the initial five years of their ministerial priesthood. Their contributions added depth and dynamism to the discussions, fostering a collaborative atmosphere aimed at collective growth and reflection.

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