Economy, mission and Consecrated Life: a reflection that cannot be stopped

Mar 12, 2021 | Economy, Institutes of Consecrated Life, Santiago

Madrid, Spain. As the presentation of the Theological Institute of Religious Life’s course points out, administering goods in order to put them at the service of the mission has never been easy, not even now. Proof of this is that the institutions of Consecrated Life have been living for decades a process of transition that concerns all aspects of their life, including the economy. Thus, economes experience daily that many aspects of the economic life of their congregations are changing at full speed. New challenges appear, related to the incorporation of new modes of management, to the greater internationality of congregations, to the increased interdependence between zones and general governments, or to the complexity of legal norms, as the main examples.

The Church has sought to shed light on these new situations, as evidenced by several of its recent documents, in which the Institute has deepened previous initiatives.

This module, which will be taught online, is entitled Organization of the Economy at the Service of the Mission, and aims to analyze and shed light on the many questions raised by the above-mentioned situations that provincial and general administrations face on a daily basis. Fr. Manuel Tamargo, CMF Econome General of the Claretian Missionaries since 2015. Fr. Manuel, a telecommunications engineer by training, priest since 1990, has a good experience of management of complex realities (schools, university residences, mission procurements) and has belonged to local, provincial and general governments in his religious congregation. Vice-president of Catholic Schools in a complex time, he has participated in several processes of union of religious provinces and has been closely involved in their economic and management aspects.

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