Encounter of Formators of francophone Africa

Feb 28, 2013 | ACLA, Formation

Yaoundé, Camerún. From February 19 to 26, 2013, VRF Mathew Vattamattam cmf, the General Prefect of Formation accompanied 14 Formators from Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon and Cameroon in Yaoundé.

The aim of this meeting ornganised by formators of Francophone Africa was the empowerment of our formators in view of improving the quality of formation in our Formation Centres.

The workshop was organized in a great Methodology as proposed by Fr. Vattamattam. Six hours of work each day helped the formators to make the best out of the workshop.

Adult learning methods helped the participants to draw from their own experience and reflections of the theme. The presenters used their own creative methods to help participants to deepen the theme and orient them to practical ways to accompany the formandi in their growth journey.

Many themes form the object of this workshop: Holistic view of formation; New paradigms in education and formation; Nonviolent Communication in Formation; Formation of Claretian identity: forge in the life of formator; JPIC in formation; Formation for community life; Formation for intercultural living; Formation for poverty; Formation for chastity; Formation for obedience and Discernment.

The meeting workshop ended with a Eucharistic Adoration, an act of thanksgiving to God for being with us all through.

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