FATIMA: Encounter of the General Government with the Major Superiors of Europe

Oct 31, 2012 | Fatima, Portugal

Fátima, Portugal. At 9:45am on the morning of October 29th began the meeting of the General Government with the Major Superiors of Europe in Fatima.

Participating on the part of the General Government were Fathers Josep M. Abella, Paul Smyth, Miguel Ángel Velasco, Domingo Grillía, and José Felix Valderrábano. Each of the Major Superiors was accompanied by a member of his government.

Fr. Stefan Wolf was moderator on the first day in which he invited everyone for a moment of prayer, after which he ceded the word to Fr. Provincial of Portugal, host of this meeting.

Fr. Artur Teixeira, in the name of the Province of Portugal, welcomed everyone, thanked Fr. General for choosing Fatima as the place for this encounter, and gave various practical instructions for the functioning of these days.

Next, Fr. General thanked the Province of Portugal for its availability in organizing this event. He explained what has been done this year, beginning with the previous encounter in Poland, on the part of the organizing Commission and the General Government. He also mentioned the distinct reactions in the process of reorganization which he heard from the Provinces. Finally he presented the themes which will be dealt with during this encounter.

The Major Superiors presented, briefly, what they had done and the responses which they heard in their respective organisms.

Fr. Miguel Angel Velasco gave a PowerPoint presentation reviewing the priorities of the Organisms which the Major Superiors had given. Noted were the many coincidences felt, as well as priorities for lines of action.

In the afternoon, Fr. Ricardo Luis Carballada, Dominican, professor of the Faculty of Theology of St. Steven in Salamanca (Spain). Offered a reflection on the mission in Europe and offered various questions which were discussed in small groups.

The first day, which began with lauds and the celebration of the Eucharist presided by Fr. General, ended with vespers prepared by the Delegation of Italy.

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