First Chapter for the Province of San José del Sur Begins

Jan 4, 2012 | San José del Sur

Buenos Aires, Argentina. The morning of the 4th of January marked the beginning of the First Chapter of the new Province of San José del Sur held at the “Maria Auxiliadora” retreat house in San Miguel, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Participating are 50 capitulars from the 23 communities which form the Province coming from the territories of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay.

Fr. Domingo Grillía, Councillor and General Econome was delegated by the Superior General, Fr. Josep Abella, to preside at this Chapter which will decide on its project of missionary life in these countries of the South Zone of Latin America and elect the Provincial Government which will guide and animate it.

Fr. Grillía declared the Chapter open at 9:00 a.m. and read a letter sent by Father General. Among its first decisions the Chapter elected Fr. Alonso Sánchez Matamoros as Secretary.

One may follow the proceedings of the Chapter at:

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