Gathering of the Commission for the Southern Zone

Mar 22, 2009 | San José del Sur

Argentina. In the meeting of the Superior General with the government teams, at the end of the Assembly of the Southern Zone (Cabana, Córdoba, January 23) it was approved to create a Commission with representatives of all the Organisms, to elaborate a life and mission project for this Zone. It was agreed that Fr. Javier Fernández would be the coordinator. To this commission also other connected tasks were entrusted, like that of maintaining the spirit of that Assembly alive, contributing various suggestions, etc.

In compliance with this, the first reunion took place on February 19 and 20 in the Provincial Curia (Constitución, Buenos Aires). Representatives of our Organisms were: Javier Fernández (Argentina-Uruguay), Pepe Abarza (Chile), Joaquín Medina (Paraguay) and Alonso Sánchez (Humahuaca).

Those were two days of intensive work in a very cordial and fraternal climate of faith. From them came initiatives and materials that would be dealt with by the government teams in order to set them in motion, once confirmed.
When the contributions of the four Organisms are gathered, this commission will take the steps to communicate to all the Claretians of the Zone the approved proposals and start their implementation.

At this time we are starting the Lenten Way with the entire Church. In that spirit, we ask everyone to accompany with prayer and a well disposed attitude this Claretian way of Reorganization in the Southern Zone.

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