“Gazing at the stars we model the matter”

Sep 10, 2022 | Nairobi 2022

We began our Saturday session thanking God for the new day, so we gathered in the chapel around the table of Jesus and animated by the brothers of MICLA (Claretians of America), we prepared ourselves to welcome the Word and share the breaking of the bread.

We received the greetings of our sisters: Carolina Sánchez, General Directress of Cordimarian Filiation; Dulcinéia Ribeiro de Almeida, General Superior of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Anthony Mary Claret; and Jolanta Kafka, General Superior of the Religious of Mary Immaculate; besides, we also received the greetings from the Congress of Claretian educators of America, which met in Buenos Aires, Argentina from September 5 to 9 of the current year.

In the morning, we addressed the second process of transformation: “Community of Witnesses and Messengers,” which covers four areas of the task of congregational animation: Government, Community Life, Economy, and Secretariat; in particular, we have addressed what is referred to as Community Life and Government. Carlos Sanchez, CMF, Prefect of Spirituality and Community Life, invited us to recreate the gift of community life, valuing the reflections that our Congregation has and providing new keys to approach and recreate this dimension of our charismatic experience. Father General then presented us with a new paradigm in the service of animation and government, inviting us to cultivate leadership that promotes discernment and welcomes the diversities that make up our congregational community. We have positively valued these contributions and enriched the reflection with group work and the subsequent plenary.

In the afternoon and at the end of the first week, we took time to comment on evaluative aspects of the proposed work, as well as other elements that make the encounter; the general tone is very positive regarding both the contents and the methodological proposals, as well as the house and the hospitality of our Claretian brothers of the Delegation of St. Charles Lwanga.

In the second part of the afternoon, the Continental Conferences were scheduled to meet, so we came together to discuss the tasks that each Conference has, as well as to respond to some of the concerns that the General Government has raised:

  1. 1. What are the ways that could help to strengthen the conference?
  2. 2. What are the new initiatives you can take on community life, consecrated life, bible and communication?
  3. 3. What are the points of dialogue that you would like to bring to the General Government?

We are grateful for the day we have lived, placing our tasks in the Heart of Mary: lady, mother, and teacher.

Mario David Gutiérrez, CMF, chronicler of the day

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Asanteni Sana!

Asanteni Sana!

We began our Saturday day thanking God for the new day. The brothers of the General Government animated the morning prayer that reminded us of Mary's presence in our congregational community. We discussed several topics this morning. The first was prompted by the...

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