General Government Days of Reflection and Fellowship

Mar 6, 2023 | General Government

Sorrento, Italy. The General Government met for several days in an atmosphere of reflection and fellowship before its usual March month-long intensive sessions. They addressed the topic of polarities and their importance for the service they provide.

This time, from March 1-4, 2023, they gathered at the Armida Barelli House of Spirituality in Sorrento. During their stay, the members of the General Government addressed the theme of polarities and their importance in understanding not only human behavior, but their implications for discernment, relationships, and leadership. Such reflection is part of their ongoing formation program.

They also took the opportunity to share reflections and seek opportunities to improve their service to the whole Congregation. The Armida Barelli Spirituality House was an ideal space for this activity, offering an environment conducive to silence and in-depth discussion.

Source Fr. Efren Limpo Lo, CMF, General Secretary.

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