General Visitation to the East Asia Delegation

Jan 30, 2012 | East Asia

Taishan, Taiwan. On January 17 2012, Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez arrived in Tokyo to start the General Visitation to the East Asia Delegation.

While in Japan, he visited the Claretian houses in Tokyo, Nagoya, Imaichi and Hirakata. He also visited Hiroshima, where an atomic bomb was dropped over a populated area for the first time.

On January 26 he left Japan for Taiwan where he will continue his visit of animation to the Delegation. Upon arrival, in the midst of the Lunar New Year of the Dragon celebrations, he went to the community of Taishan (New Taipei City) where he started the Canonical visitation for the Taiwan area of the Delegation.

He will spend two weeks in Taiwan, and will facilitate spiritual exercises for the China-Taiwan area Claretians inspired by the Forge Project. Afterwards, he will assist at the China-Taiwan missionary meeting.

On February 12 he will proceed to Hong Kong to continue the general visitation of the East Asia Delegation.

Photo. Left to Right, Fathers Joshi, Bobin, Arturo, Gonzalo, Mario, Peter and Liju. (Taken in the community chapel at Taishan house).

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