God-Centered and Mission-Driven:  A Circular Letter from Superior General on Fr. Clotet

Feb 3, 2023 | Jaume Clotet

On the occasion of the Bicentenary of the birth of Fr. Jaime Clotet, the Superior General of the Claretian Missionaries sent a Circular to all the members of the Congregation, titled “God-centred and mission-driven. A reflection at the closing of the “Year of Clotet”.This document reviewed Fr. Clotet’s life and spiritual heritage and invited all members of the Congregation to reflect on his legacy.

“Jaime Clotet (1822-1898), the youngest of our co-founders, to whom the Congregation has wished to pay a well-deserved tribute. We have done so by recalling with fraternal joy the life and spiritual heritage of our brother through a handful of activities in keeping with his personality and his style: simple and profound, without offending the modesty of one who never abandoned a fruitful second place in our Institute”.

The Superior General encouraged those who may not be familiar with Fr. Clotet’s story to take the opportunity to discover his legacy and to explore his greatness as we close the “Year of Clotet.” The circular closed with an invitation to continue walking as missionaries, inspired by Fr. Clotet’s example. The Superior General asked the Lord to help all members of the Congregation to radiate the aroma of the joy of the Gospel wherever the members go, and to deepen their knowledge of Fr. Clotet as we close the special “Year of Clotet.”

The entire Circular is available in six languages, provides a touching tribute to Fr. Clotet and is a testament to the lasting impact of his life and legacy. As the Congregation celebrates the bicentenary of his birth, it is a fitting opportunity to reflect on the importance of being God-centred and mission-driven in our lives and rededicate ourselves to this mission.

The Circular in English: God-centred and mission-driven

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